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Events 2016-17

Highlights of 2016-17 Activities

Advanced   Tools And Technology Workshop Advanced Tools & Technology Workshop Advanced Tools And   Technology Workshop Advanced   Tools & Technology Workshop Advanced Tools And Technology Workshop Hardware Exhibition-1 Hardware Exhibition-2 Industrial  Visit Industrial Visit GSBTM Seminar GSBTM  Seminar Seminar on IIT JAM Exam Faculty Seminar on Laravel Seminar on WPF Seminar on Udemy Seminar on Scala Seminar on Cloud Computing Seminar on Android Seminar on Freelancing Photoshop Seminar Installation Seminar Health Awareness Seminar Seminar on Traffic,Fire, ATM Safety Seminar on Personality Development by  Rajyog Seminar on Gesture and Posture Seminar on Internet Awareness Seminar Internet Awareness Seminar Expert Seminar on Hibernet Seminar on Mind Power Seminar on Saurashtra Gramin Bank Exams Azadi-70 Elocution-1 Azadi-70 Elocution-2 Azadi-70 Essay Writing Competition Azadi-70 Painting Competition Azadi-70 Slogan Writing Competition IT  Quiz IT-Quiz Poster Presentation on Swami Vivekananda's Quotes Elocution Competition Independance Day-1 Independance Day Navratri  Celebration Navratri Celebration Navratri Navratri-16 Card Making Competition Cartooning Collage-1 Collage-2 Drawing Competition Flower Making Competition Halvu Kanthya Sangeet Mahendi  Competition Mahendi Competition Nail Art Competition Nail Art Tatoo Making Competition Tatoo  Making Compeititon Western Vocal Solo Competition Rangoli Making Compeition Ornament Making Competition Salad Decoration Competition Rakhi   Making Competition Rakhi Making Competition Rangoli   Competition 26th January Republic Day Flag Hosting Saree Day Group Day Twins Day Library Day - Books Exhibitition Library Day Lion Day Yoga     Day Yoga  Day Yoga Day   Celebration Yoga Day Celebration Yoga Day Teachers' Day Celebration Street Play Visit to Old Age Home 100 m Race Boys 100 m Race Girls Chess Competition Badminton Slow Biking - Boys Slow Biking - Girls Slow Cycling Competition Vollyball Competition Lemon Spoon Musical Chair lightbox with galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1