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Master of Science - Microbiology

Master of Science - Microbiology

Course Summary

Master of Science in Microbiology is a Postgraduate Microbiology course. The course aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of Microbiology and their experimental basis to enable students in acquiring a specialized knowledge by means of dedicated lecture series and subject-oriented research project. It includes various basic microbiological topics like Microbial Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Microbial Physiology, Virology, Mycology. Finally, this course explains the advanced microbiology like Immunology, Microbial Genetics, Food Microbiology, Medical Microbiology and Bioinformatics

In this course we will provides broad exposure to various communities, ecological and commercial issues in the field microbiology.

Curriculum of M.Sc.(Micro.)

Mic-101 Cell Biology(Core)
Mic-102 Molecular Biology, Genetics & Evolution(Core)
Mic-103 Biodiversity & Biosystematics(Core)
Mic-104 Biostatistics & Bioinformatics
Mic-105 Combined Practical Course
Mic-106 Seminar Course - 1

Mic-207 Biochemistry (Core)
Mic-208 Biotechnology & Immunology (Core)
Mic-209 Environmental Science (Core)
Mic-210 Analytical Techniques (Multidisciplinary / Interdisciplinary)
Mic-211 Combined Practical Course
Mic-212 Seminar Course - 1

Mic-313 Genetic Engineering and Protein Engineering (Core)
Mic-314 Bioprocess Engineering and Fermentation Microbiology (Core)
Mic-315 Pharmaceutical and Medical Microbiology (Core)
Mic-316B Ecology and Environmental Microbiology (Elective)
Mic-317 Combined Practicals
Mic-419 Dissertation / Project

Mic-418 Research Methodology, IPR and Biosafety(Core)
Mic-419 Dissertation / Project
Mic-420 Practicals
MICR 106 + 212 Seminar Course 1 & 2

Candidates who have passed B.Sc. Microbiology, Biotechnology, Genetics, biochemistry, Botany, Zoology or other subjects of life science with minimum 48% from any recognized university are eligible to apply.

Candidate must have microbiology subject in 3rd and 4th semester, if they have completed bachelor’s in subjects other than microbiology.

There is a huge scope in the field of Microbiology. One can do job or can go for higher studies after the completion of course.

Job Opportunity

A M.Sc.(Micro.) student can work as a...

  • Image QC (Quality Controller) in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Image QA (Quality Assurance) in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Image R & D (Research & Development) Officer
  • Image Research Scientist
  • Image Production Departments in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Image MR (Medical Representative)
  • Image Food Technologist
  • Image Agricultural Microbiologist
  • Image Government Research Institutes/Organization
         like Fisheries, Forestry, Food Testing Laboratories
  • Image Dairy Industry
  • Image Academic Field
Higher Education
  • Image Ph. D.

Course Features

  • Duaration : 2 Years
  • Semesters : 4 Sem.
  • Level : Post Graduate
  • Admission : Direct Admission
  • Eligibility B.Sc.(Micro.)




Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Genetics & Evolution
Biodiversity & Biosystematics
Biostatistics & Bioinformatics



Biotechnology & Immunology
Environmental Science
Analytical Techniques



Genetic Engg. and Protein Engg.
Bioprocess Engg.,
Fermentation Microbiology
Pharmaceutical,Medical Microbiology
Environmental Microbiology



Research Methodology
IPR and Biosafety
Dissertation / Project