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Rules & Regulations


Rules & Regulations

Disciplinary Guidelines

Every studet shall attend classes regularly and punctually and shall refrain from any action that may disturb the smooth working of the college.
Smoking, use of alcohol, gutkha and drugs are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
Students shall be clean and decorous in dress, language and behavior.
When a teacher enters a class-room, the students shall rise and remain standing till they are directed to sit.
Indecent behavior towards the opposite sex will not be tolerated.
Students shall not invite or encourage outsiders to enter the campus.
Ragging/teasing/harassing/using words of abuse etc. on other students with in the campus or outside is punishable/crime under Police Act.
Students shall bring identity cards to college every day and wear it whenever they are on campus.
Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.
The movement of vehicles on the college campus shall be slow and students shall park their vehicles in the area allotted to them for the purpose.
All the students shall handle the college property with care, and help maintain the campus neat and tidy. They should not scribble on furniture or walls. Any damage or destruction of college property shall be punishable individually or collectively, as the case may be.
Any type of personal or group celebration should not be allowed without prior permission.

Examination and Evaluation Guidelines

The internal exams, assignments are compulsory for the students.

Attendance Guideline

It is necessary for the students to remain present during theory and practical during the semester. The presents of the students shall not be less than 80%.
Absence even for one lecture or reporting late for the lectures will be marked as absence for whole day.
Students may take leave only for genuine reasons after submitting leave application in writing to the class teacher.

Library rules

The strict silence shall be maintained within the library and discussions are strictly prohibited.
The students must be present in the library with identity card.
Books and magazines are placed properly after use.
Books should not be taken outside of the library without issued.

Laboratory Rules

Operate the equipments with care.
For any hardware, software problem, please contact lab assistant.
Do not eat or drink in the lab.
Do not touch, connect or disconnect any plug or cable without your lecturer/laboratory technician’s permission.
Keep your bags and shoes outside the lab.
After allocating the seat to the students. They are not supposed to change without prior permission.
Keep the noise level to a minimum.
During the lab session, student have to follow the time table and faculties instructions.
Students have to be present on time in the lab session and leave the lab after completion the lab or prior permission of the lab faculty.
All students have to be presents with ICARD and subject books.