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Bachelor of Science
(Information Technology)

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Course Summary

With the vast and rapid growth of the internet, digital media channels like facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, etc. have now become one of the new communication channels that allow personal interaction. Computer and mobile applications have played an active role in the digital evolution, especially in the recent years. The syllabus consists of a large number of programming languages in order to improve students knowledge.

One of the best ways of learning this language is by enrolling yourself in a full time Bachelor in Computer Science course, in which students are taught about the coding language in detail. Students who opt for this course learn skills and information not only about computer and information technology but also in communication, organization and management.

Curriculum of B.Sc.(IT)

CS-01 Programming In C
CS-02 Networking, Internet & Web Page Development
CS-03 Comp. Fundamentals & Emerging Tech.
CS-04 English Language & Communication Skills
CS-05 Practical -1( Based On Cs - 01 )
CS-06 Practical -2 ( Based On Cs - 02 & Pc Software/ Libre Office)

CS-07 Data Structure & File Structure using C
CS-08 Web Programming using PHP
CS-09 Computer Organization and Architecture
CS-10 Foundation of Mathematics and Statistics
CS-11 Practical-1( Based On CS - 07 )
CS-12 Practical-2( Based On CS - 08 )

CS-13 C++ and Object Oriented Programming
CS-14 CMS With WordPress & Magento
CS-15 Network Technology & Administration With SEO
CS-16 RDBMS Using Oracle (10 G)
CS-17 Practical (Based On CS -13, CS -16)
CS-18 Practical (Based On CS -14, CS -15)

CS-19 Programming with JAVA
CS-20 Programming with C#
CS-21 SAD, Software Quality Assurance and Testing
CS-22 Operating Systems Concepts with Unix / Linux
CS-23 Practical (Based On CS - 19)
CS-24 Practical (Based On CS -20 , CS -22)

CS-25 Advance Java Programming (J2EE)
CS-26 Programming with ASP.NET
CS-27 Search Engine Techniques & Digital Technology Trends
CS-28 Practical – 1 (based on CS – 25)
CS-29 Practical – 2 (based On CS – 26 & CS – 27)
CS-30 Project – Viva

CS-31 Mobile Computing using Android and iPhone
CS-32 Data Warehousing with SQL Server 2012
CS-33 Internet of Things (IOT)
CS-34 Practical – 1 (based on CS – 31)
CS-35 Practical – 2 (based On CS – 32)
CS-36 Project – Viva

H.S.C.(12th std.)
(Student should have any one of the subjects from this : Maths, Business Maths (BA), Statistics, Computer or Physics)

There is a huge scope in the field of B.Sc.(IT). One can do job or can go for higher studies after the completion of course.

Job Opportunity

The opportunities available for a B.Sc.(IT) graduate are software programmer, system and network administrator, web designer, etc. The range of chances in Information Technology are immense. Some are creative while others are highly technical.

A B.Sc.(IT) Graduate can work as a...

  • Image Programmer
  • Image Software Developer
  • Image Web Developer
  • Image Mobile Application Developer
  • Image Teter
  • Image SEO Analyst
Higher Education
  • Image M.Sc.(IT & CA)
  • Image M.C.A.

Course Features

  • Duaration : 3 Years
  • Semesters : 6 Sem.
  • Level : Under Graduate
  • Admission : Direct Admission
  • Eligibility

    H.S.C.(12th Std.) Student should have any one of the subjects from this : Maths, Business Maths (BA), Statistics, Computer or Physics




C, Networking, HTML,
Comp. Fundamentals,
English & Communication Skills



Data Structure,
Web Programming using PHP,
Comp. Organization and Archi.,
Mathematics & Statistics



C++ & Oops Concept,
CMS with Wordpress & Magento,
Networking and SEO
RDBMS with Oracle



Programming with Java
Programming with C#
SAD, SQA & Testing
OS Concepts with Unix/Linux



Advanced Java Programming, Programming with ASP.NET,
Search Engine Techniques &
Digital Technology Trends



Mobile Computing using
Android & iPhone,
Data Warehousing with SQL Server,
Internet of Things (IOT)