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Department of Bioscience

Department of Bioscience

Bioscience department of ccsit affiliated to the Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University offers postgraduate programs & undergraduate programmes in Microbiology and allied areas of life science.

The department maintains the legacy of providing quality education since 2002. The department is one of the oldest departmental set up for studying life science in Sorath region.

The Department also caters academics and related basic research by producing quality professionals ready for challenging career opportunities. Being in the oldest institution (established since 2000), the department has emerged as a leading academic institute with networked with future of several students and quality individuals.

Department gives ample opportunities to its students and strives to equip them with skills, ability, and knowledge required for life-long learning and success. The department is reputed for the outstanding calibre of students graduating from its graduate and postgraduate programmes.

Department is a student centric and conducts various activities like departmental seminar, quiz, Scitoon, Poster/paper presentation, motivational talk etc. which intercalates various qualities in the personality development of the student. To sensitize and bring awareness among students, department also arranges visits hospital, food industry, pharmaceutical industries, waste water treatment plant, forensic science laboratory and premiere research institutes.

Department also help students to prepare for entrance exam and contribute to an overall personality development. The alumni of the department have distinguished themselves through their achievements and contributions to the industry, academics, research, business, government, and social domains.

Best practices at the department:

  • * Insightful course structure and integrated teaching learning process
  • * Follows outcome based teaching with regular tests and assignments
  • * Offers personalized learning opportunities to students via in-class and off-class learning

Departmental Highlights:

  • * Offers a range of co-curricular activities such as national level symposiums, seminars, webinars for all round development
  • * Possesses necessary infrastructure and lab facilities
  • * Offers an array of programs and courses in UG and PG level
  • * Qualified and motivated faculty members
  • * Offers a range of Extra-curricular, Value added courses for skill development

Career Opportunity in Bioscience


Technologies in Syllabus

  • Applied Microbiology
    Applied Microbiology

  • Genetic Engineering
    Genetic Engineering

  • Immunology

  • Industrial Microbiology
    Industrial Microbiology

  • Biodiversity

  • Immunofluorescence

  • Bioinformatics