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Mission/Vision/Goal of College


CCSIT aims at developing the next generation professionals by providing current and upcoming technologies in related areas and preserving knowledge with high moral values.

College Ideology

In a developing country like India, quality education has become a basic necessity. Education has become an extremely important factor for the overall development of a student, which in turn, results in the development of our country and brightness our future.

Future Plans

The college has always made sincere and consistent efforts to start new Science & Technology courses with quality approach, upgrade its infrastructure and skilled staff in order to achieve high standards of academic growth.




We know that every student entering College is at the crossroads in his / her life. We, at CCSIT, set certain goals in relation to the students all round growth and development, from academic as well as co-curricular activities point of view, till he/she becomes a graduate.

We, at CCSIT, try to bring an awakening in them of the sense of differentiation between good and bad.

We, at CCSIT, strive to mould our students in such a way that they are identified as duty bound citizens having high moral standards of their social behavior and those having good all-round personality, honesty as well as other virtues and most importantly- those having sensitive minds.

We, at CCSIT, also try to inculcate in them the feeling of love towards their family, Society and Nation.
We, at CCSIT, are convinced that in a span of three years, we should treat and teach the students so that, :
Image    They - the little ones become eagles, soaring towards the high skies
Image    They - the buds may blossom into immensely fragrant flowers
Image    They - the tiny seeds may grow into mighty banyan trees

And We – at CCSIT may inspire our students to become human beings with strong minds, sure in knowledge, perfect in moral values and producing good deeds. We, the teachers – under the leadership and guidance of the Management and the Director are committed at all times to the task of ensuring the overall development and progress of our students.

Dr. D. G. Makadia
Managing Trustee (SIET)
Mr. G. R. Kansagra
Trustee(SIET) & Director(CCSIT)
Dr. H. L. Kansagra
Dr. G. T. Ladani
Trustee (SIET)
Mr. V. M. Vaishnani
Trustee (SIET)
Alumni Students

What they say...


Thank you so much for all your help throughout the college process.

Parmar Dharmik
M.Sc.(I.T & C.A)

I wanted to let you know that I'll be attending CCSIT College and couldn't have made this decision without your help

Gadhvi Megha

Thank you for all of the laughs, the tears, and the unforgettable memories

Butanee Chand