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Annual Function 2017-18

Highlights of Annual Function -2017-18

Anchors Audiance-1 Audiance-2 CCSIT Staff Guest at Stage Guest Speech-1 Guest Speech-2 Guests Honour to Guest-1 Honour to Guest-2 Honour to Guest-3 Intro. to College and Activities Introductory Speech Lamp Lightening National Anthem-1 National Anthem-2 Prize Distribution-1 Prize Distribution-10 Prize Distribution-11 Prize Distribution-12 Prize Distribution-13 Prize Distribution-14 Prize Distribution-15 Prize Distribution-16 Prize Distribution-17 Prize Distribution-18 Prize Distribution-19 Prize Distribution-2 Prize Distribution-20 Prize Distribution-21 Prize Distribution-22 Prize Distribution-23 Prize Distribution-24 Prize Distribution-25 Prize Distribution-26 Prize Distribution-27 Prize Distribution-28 Prize Distribution-29 Prize Distribution-3 Prize Distribution-30 Prize Distribution-31 Prize Distribution-32 Prize Distribution-33 Prize Distribution-4 Prize Distribution-5 Prize Distribution-6 Prize Distribution-7 Prize Distribution-8 Prize Distribution-9 Student Speech-1 Student Speech-2 Student Speech-3 Trustee's Speech Welcome Speech how to use lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v5.7