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Highlights of Scitech-2017

Dignitaries of Innaugration Function Audience Scitech-2017 Dignitaries-Innaugration Function Lamp Lighting Floral Welcome to Patron Floral Welcome to Chief Guest Floral Welcome to Guest Floral Welcomet to Key Note Speaker Floral Welcome to Key Note Speaker Floral   Welcome to Judges Floral Welcome to Judges Introduction of Guest Welcome Speech Chief Guest Speech Speech of Patron Guest Speech Guests Honour  To Judge Honour to  Judge Honour to  Key Note Speaker Honour to Judge Honour to Key Note Speaker Key Note   Speaker Key Note Speaker Key Note Speaker Presentation Vote of Thanks Lunch Oral Presentation - Computer Science Oral Presentation - Life Science Oral Presentation Oral Presentation-Chemical Science Poster   Presentation Poster  Presentation Poster Presentation - Computer Sciecne Poster Presentation - Life  Science Poster Presentation Poster_Presentation Poster-Presentation PosterPresentation Scitoon Dignitaries of Veledictory Function Dignitaries-Veledictory Function Prize Distribution Prize Distribution-1 Prize Distribution-2 Prize Distribution-3 Prize Distribution-4 Prize Distribution-11 Prize Distribution-10 Prize Distribution-9 Prize Distribution-8 Prize Distribution-7 Prize Distribution-6 Prize Distribution-5 Prize Distribution-12 Prize Distribution-13 Prize Distribution-14 Judge's Speech Guest  Speech Oath Vote of Thanks Velidictory Function National   Anthem National  Anthem National Anthem lightbox with galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1