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Highlights of Scitech-2019

1-Inauguration 2-Guests 3-Lamp Lightining 4-Anchores 5-Registration 6-Floral Welcome 7-Guest Welcome 8-Managing Trustee  Speech 9-Guest Appriciation 9-Judge  Appriciation 10-Appriation to  Guest 11-Appriciation of Guest 12-Guest   Appriciation 13-Scitech Abstract Book 14-Invitee Speech 15-Bioscience Speaker 16-Questionnaire Session 17-Audiance 18-Audiance at Bioscience Invitee Speech 19-Computer Science Speaker 20-Chemistry Speaker 21-Guests & Audiance at Chemistry Invitee Speech 22-Posters 23-Poster Presantation-1 24-Poster Evaluation 25-Poster Presantation 26-Poster Evalution 27-Poster Presantation 28-IT Posters 29-Microbiology 30-IT Tree 31-UG Poster 32-Guest  Lunch 33-Audiance 33-Guest Lunch 34-Participant Lunch 35-Valedictory Function 36-Veledictory  Function 37-Welcome with Flowers 38-Appritiation of Judges 39-Appreation of Judge 40-Judge's Appreciation 41-Judge  Speech 42-Judge Speech 43-Judge's Speech 44-Participant  View 45-Participant View 46-Prize   Distribution 47-Prize  Distribution 48-Prize  to Winners 49-Prize Distri. 50-Winners Appreciation 51-Winners Appriciation 52-Prize Distribution 53-Prize to   Winners 54-Prize to Winners 55-Prize 56-Prizes 57-Vote of Thanks 58-National   Anthem 59-National Anthem 60-Group Photo